Start IJ Setup

Printers are one of the most essential tools of our daily work-life. No-one can deny their role in our life, whether as a student or a working individual, we require them in our life. Setting up a printer in your office or home is not an easy job hence this canon ij setup guide will help you to setup your canon printer with ease.

You got your brand-new printer delivered and now is the time to set it up so that you can use it flawlessly.Unbox your printer carefully and install the cartridges along with the paper sheets.

Before setting up your canon printer make sure your router is working well and you have a stable internet connection. Let’s check the canon ij setup for Windows and MAC OS one by one –

For Windows:

  • Connect the printer to the power source and turn it on by pressing the power button.
  • Inset the “installation disk” in your computer’s disk drive to setup your canon printer. You will get an “auto-run” window, select “run” to open the setup wizard.
  • In the “printer setup” window click on “Next” to choose the connection method, select “Network Connection” followed by “Wireless Connection”.
  • Now you will have to connect your printer to the network in the next window. You get two options for that – WPS connection (only works with router supporting WPS connection) and Cableless connection (works with all the routers).
  • Select “Cableless Connection” for convenience. Press and hold on the “Wi-Fi button” to turn it on; the lamp will flash twice.
  • You will have to select “place of residence” in the next window followed by “Country”.
  • In the next window, you will be asked to install available canon software, we suggest you install all of them.
  • Ensure there is enough diskspace in your hard drive to install the Start software. Next, you will encounter the License agreement page, click “yes” to proceed.
  • If your printer is not connecting to the network in the next window, click the “Redetect” button again and again until it connects.
  • Your setup is almost done. You will see some information related to your printer and network in the next window.
  • Keep clicking “Next” until you reach the “setup completion” window.
  • You will be asked to “register as a user” on the next window. You can skip it if you want.
  • Click on the “Exit” button to end the setup wizard. Your canon ij setup on windows was successful.

For Mac :

  • Insert the “installation disk” and download all the drivers from canon’s official website. Then click on the “run” button to launch the setup wizard.
  • You need to enter your “Laptop user-id and password” to proceed with the setup.
  • You will have to follow similar steps as mentioned above to connect your printer to the network.
  • Once you are done with the “cableless setup”, you will get the list of available software to download. We suggest you install all of them.
  • Read the “License Agreement” and click “Yes” to proceed to the final step.
  • Now you will get the option to register yourself. If you want to do it later, you can skip it.
  • In the final step, click on “exit” to exit the setup wizard. Your canon ij setup on your Laptop device was successful.
Follow the steps carefully to setup your canon printer. Your printer will run smoothly. If you encounter any problem you can always contact the Start’s support.